Sport Walk is the home of 'Sport Walking' (walking challenges). Its purpose is to promote Sport Walking and to develop participation. It does this through video, workshops and education plans, such as those here on Skillspack.

These plans are currently focused on preparing for an ultramarathon challenge - the type of activity where most people have their first encounter with Sport Walking, perhaps by fund raising for a good cause - and this is where Challenge Preparation Coaching specifically comes in.

Unlike coaching programs aimed at elite sports, such as triathlon or athletics, Sport Walk's coaching plans aren't technical coaching programs, although they do provide a structured training schedule, nutritional and equipment advice and a raft of other elements.

They're first and foremost mentoring plans, focused on supporting and guiding you on your journey to self fulfilment through challenges and delivering expertise to give you the confidence to know you can and will succeed.

Sport Walk has a wealth of experience and knowledge around ultramarathons, adventure sports and other challenging activities and they bring all this experience to bear in their Challenge Preparation programs, helping you to be the best you can be and to achieve your goals.


Our Challenge Preparation program is a subscription plan, designed specifically to help people prepare for a major challenge or ultramarathon.

It delivers support and guidance on a number of key aspects, including training, equipment, food and drink and logistics. It is ideal for anyone seeking to take a step up from previous achievements (whether that be in the form of performance improvements or in the nature of the challenge itself) or to tackle a big challenge for the first time.

Your coach will provide you with a full training schedule, with information and advice to build your confidence, self belief and the mental resilience needed to achieve a goal in a major challenge. Your coach will guide you through your preparation and help you see for yourself that you are capable. That you can succeed!

Challenge Preparation Coaching subscription - £50 per month


We'll provide you with full mentoring support for your challenge journey. We’re primarily about building your self belief through action, putting your progress into context so that you can see exactly how you’re improving and reassuring you that you really can achieve your goal. We’ll be there should you have doubts and will always give you an honest assessment of your progress.


We’ll provide you with a full 'start to finish' training schedule, laying out all the work you need to do to be ready. We’ll help you identify your actual pace potential for your challenge and give you feedback to shape any changes you need to make to be as efficient as possible and we'll help you embed training into your everyday life, so it's not overwhelming

Fuel, Kit & Logistics

We'll give you guidance on what equipment you'll need, including compulsory kit for ultras and recommend fuel and hydration products to keep you in great shape. We'll also give you the low down on all the logistical decisions you may need to make, with advice tailored to your specific challenge and we'll provide you with guidance to help you build your support crew.

Before we start...

Please fill out the form below to help us understand your needs and ensure this is the right program for you. Once you click 'Submit', we'll receive and then view your application and if we're able to take you on, you'll receive an email with a link to the checkout to sign up. This may take a few days to complete but be assured, we'll process your application as quickly as possible. Please note we have a limit of five athletes on the program at any one time.